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Earbud Storage

Virtual school has started in our house and one of the major requirements with an 8th grader, 2 college kids, a husband getting his EdD, and me teaching online is that we HAVE to use earbuds. Even when we spread out in separate rooms, it is a requirement. And thanks to sub-par school-issued technology, if my son unplugs his earbuds, he has to restart the computer to get it to recognize them again. He has been carrying his laptop all over the house with earbuds dangling. Given that it is early in the school year, I would really like this pair to last more than a couple days, so I decided we need a way to store the earbuds while connected to the computer. And of course we can’t do anything that would permanently damage the computer. This is what we came up with (instructions are below):


  • 2 wooden or plastic clothes pins
  • hot glue
  • Command Adhesive tabs – small


  • Using hot glue, attach the clothes pins together, facing opposite directions
  • Cut a small Command Adhesive strip in half. Place ½ on each end of the bottom clothes pin. This is how you will attach it to the computer.
  • Attach to the computer with the wall side of the Command Adhesive
  • Wrap earbud
  • NOTE: Because he cannot unplug his, they are still plugged in. However, if you want to unplug the earbuds, you can open either the top or bottom clothes pin and put the jack end of the earbuds in the little hole, with the jack pointing toward the middle of the computer. It will keep the jack safe when not plugged in.

That’s it! An easy solution to a small, but very annoying problem!