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Not Our Home

Phil 3-20.001This week I was reminded how very much this world is not our home. I was asked to pray for marriages that are struggling and breaking down. A friend was rushed to the hospital because of a chronic illness. We learned that the son of family friends shot himself and the prognosis is not good. And on a less significant, though more personal level, I struggled with the realization that our oldest daughter is old enough to know a kid who shot himself. (WARNING – This is not the time or place to start a debate about guns. Doing so will see comments deleted.)

It sounds so cliché, but he’s a good kid from a good family. My oldest did not know him well, but did know him. This is, thankfully, her first experience with something like this, but I am saddened because I know it won’t be her last.

So in the midst of all this pain, all this sadness, what are we to do? The temptation is to ask why but I believe I already know the answer. Broken. This world is broken. Broken by the weight of evil. Broken by our own sin. Just broken. And I am burdened with prayer for those who are experiencing more of the broken now than they were a week, a day, even an hour ago.

So how do we go on? How do we keep walking in this our brokenness? Hope. Not that by some magical happening things will “get better,” but in the hope given to us through Jesus, our Savior. Romans 8:24 tells us that our hope is not in the know things of this world but in what we don’t currently see. Our hope is not that the world will get it right, but that our God got it right and offers us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). With that hope we can move forward. We can go on. We can reach out to our broken world and tell them about the hope of Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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So hug your kids a little more today. Have a little more grace for those around you. Take the time to call that friend you haven’t heard from in a while. Reach out to that coworker who seems to always be alone. Yes, the world is broken, but Jesus, who was broken for the world, offers us hope in the midst of the broken.

Enjoy the Moment

DSCN4316As I look at my Facebook feed I see most of my friends are complaining about more snow, or their husbands and kids, or some other thing life has thrown at them. Trust me, we are not without the problems of life. We have been through unemployment, financial trouble, marriage problems, sick kids, bad weather, broken belongings, moves, seasons of upheaval, and such. And I too have been guilty at times of airing that all out on social media. But as much as these things happen to us all, instead of posting our problems for everyone to see, what if we really did learn Paul’s secret of being content in all circumstances (Philippians 4:11-13)? If Paul could find contentment chained in jail, surely I can find it even in the midst of the trials and tribulations of life.

Today we have a fresh breeze blowing through the open windows and 3 loads of laundry line drying outside (well, in our 3-season room anyway) and it is 65°F. Yes, I know it will get colder tonight and they have even thrown around the dreaded “s’ word here, but I will enjoy the warm and sun. I will rejoice that we have a home and a washing machine (thanks to a very generous friend). I will be thankful that we have laundry to hang and fold, because that means we have clothes in abundance to wear.  I will be still and quiet, knowing that in the noise and chaos that surround me  children are learning and growing. And tomorrow, I will embrace the cold, the sleet, and snow. I will be thankful that I have heat and a cozy house. I will appreciate the fact that I have sweaters to wear and fuzzy slippers too (thanks Mom & Dad for the warm Christmas gift!). And if it is cold when I go out I will be thankful that I feel it because that means I am ALIVE!

Without all these things that “get in our way” what would our life be anyway? Mine would be pretty dull and boring. There would be fewer funny stories and less laughter for sure (who else but us has a story about a kid getting bit by a donkey while performing in a living nativity?)! But the secret to contentment really is to learn to be thankful, GRATEFUL, in all situations.