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I get a lot of questions about managing a house and home schooling. How do you do it (hint – check out the name of the blog)?  What materials do we use? How do we budget our time? How do we keep track of lessons and grades? What chores etc. do I do each day and what are the kids responsible for doing?

So now, here in one place, I am putting together a lot of my information so that you can find it all!

Daily Chore List: List of chores that I do on a daily (and weekly, monthly, and seasonally) basis

Kids’ Chore List : Chores the kids are responsible for on a daily and weekly basis. These are actually posted in our home school area, along with our schedule (see below) and THINK poster and Bored poster. Check out the post on Responsibility Charts for more on this.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template : Subject by subject daily plan template, broken down into weekly sections. Includes room for menu planning and upcoming events or needs. Just copy the sheet to a new one for each week. This can be completely customized to your school needs. We assign each subject its own color, and all the binders, notebooks, and tools needed for that subject match that color. (Here is a different version for those with older computers XLS Lesson Plan Template)

Grade Book Template: Grade book complete with formulas. Just copy and paste to add students or semesters. This is completely customizable to your needs and free! (Here is a different version for those with older computers XLS Grade Book Template)

Weekly Home School Schedule: We do school in time blocks. If you aren’t finished at the end of the allotted time, set the work aside and move on to the next subject. Come back to any unfinished work after lunch. This is just one of many ways to do home school and it works best for us. We have also tried the method of giving kids all their daily assignments and when those are complete, school is finished.

Curriculum By Grade Level: These are the materials we have used successfully each year. This is just what has worked for our family, but of course, we recommend these because we like and use them. We supplement this with the books on Must Reads! and from the monthly lists under the category of What We Are Reading Now.

Curriculum Reviews: This is a collection of reviews of curriculum we have used. This is by no means an exhaustive list of curriculum, just things we have actually tried.

Home School Crest: Detailed instructions for making a crest for your home school like ours pictured to the left.

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of what it takes to home school and run a house. This is just how we do things and how it works for us. The key here is to have a plan, follow the plan, and change the plan when it is no longer working. We are all works in progress this side of Heaven, and that includes our household management and home schooling.


3 thoughts on “Home School

  1. Thank you so much for this. I really wanted my son’s homeschool experience to be a positive and beneficial one but it seemed like the only help I could get was vague at best. Your site has given me all of the tools I need to see that my son will succeed.

    Thank you again.

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