Winter Olympics 2014 Activity Pack

Sochi-2014-Winter-Olympics-lWith the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics this week, I have been looking for activities for my kids to do around this theme. Enchanted Homeschooling Mom has a great pack that can be used for Pre-K through 6th grades.  Perfect for those families with multi-age kids. This is not just for home schooling, but would make good weekend actives for all kids surrounding the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Winter Olympics 2014 Pack from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Chore Bingo: A New Game to Get Stuff Done (with FREE Printables)

As I was sitting down to come up with something creative for a new post inspiration hit me. Literally, a kid banged into me. But it worked because I came up with a fun game we will be adding to the chore routine – Chore Bingo!

The concept here is simple. When a child does a chore, they can cross it off on their chore bingo card. When they get 3 spaces in a row filled, they get a prize (like something from the Prize Box). If they fill their entire card, they get a bonus – cash or an additional prize box pick. The cool thing here is that the kids get to pick what chores they do, which *should* motivate them better to do them.

Here are the basics you need:

Free Printables:

Blank Bing Card: You can write chores of your chosing on it. These are great if you have specific chores that need to get done right now

Pre-Set Chore Bingo Cards (with graphics): These have pre-set graphics for specific chores

Chore Graphics: Graphics of various chores that you can print and cut out to use on cards. When a kid does a chore, have them tape or glue the picture of that chore to their card.

TIP: Put the cards in a picture frame and use dry erase markers to record the chore done or to cross off a picture of a chore. You can even tape the graphics onto the glass or add velcro sticky dots or squares to the glass and the back of the graphics to use them again and again.

FREE e-book: 31 Prayers for Financial Wisdom

Just in time for tax day, a FREE e-book: 31 Prayers for Financial Wisdom:Daily Scripture-Based Prayers to Access the Power of God. Especially in today’s world we can all use more of the power of God in our finances. Check out this free e-book.

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Free e-book: Winning the Clutter War

Free e-book Winning the Clutter War by Sandra Felton.

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