Saturday Project: LOVE Bookshelf

photoWith Valentine’s Day coming up soon I guess I must me in the mood for love. Funny though, because we don’t even celebrate that holiday. (We want a day all about us, not some day we have to share with every other pseudo-couple in the world so we go all out on our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of our first date.) But still, love is in the air. So how about a practical love gift?

We have tons of books. Even after selling most of our collection when we moved abroad in 2010 and going to e-readers, we will have tons of books. We used to have a bookshelf in our bedroom but sold it and never replaced it. So when I found this project, I thought it would be great for a master bedroom.

Check out the instructions to make the LOVE bookshelf pictured here from CraftingItMyself. You can tweak the dimensions to match your room or books and paint it any way that matches your decor (ours will be beach cottage shabby chic).

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