Food Passport: Dealing with Your Picky Eater

10105_MyFood_CoverdisplayEvery family has one. Some of us get two or three. But there is a picky eater in every group. That kid that won’t try something just because it is new. I recently saw a post from a Facebook friend discussing her child’s unwillingness to eat something she prepared as a snack. This reminded me of what our family did when the kids were younger. Our oldest daughter resisted trying new foods on the simple premiss that the food was new. No other reason. There was no way to logic her out of this so we decided to embrace the adventure of new. We created a “Food Passport” for her. Every time she tried a new food, she got a stamp in her passport. Initially, she was allowed to purchase items out of the prize box for 2-3 stamps, and over time we increased the price of things to 5-10 stamps. Eventually she stopped asking to buy things with her stamps and stopped requiring stamps altogether. However, almost 10 years later as a tween, when she tries something new, she still says it is for her food passport. She embraced the adventure of trying new foods and that became a platform for her to embrace all kinds of adventure as we have traveled and lived in different states and foreign countries.

Making a Food Passport can be as simple or complex as you like. We cut pages to be ¼ sheet size, but you can use any size you want or purchase a blank notebook or journal. Decorate the cover (get your kid to help). You can keep it simple, and just have blank pages, or theme pages by type of food (vegetable, fruit, pasta, etc.) or country (American, Mexican, Italian, etc). Being creative and getting the kids involved in the production of the Food Passport will help increase they excitement of using it. If you don’t want to take the time to make something, click on the picture for a kid’s food journal that you can purchase. (Disclaimer – I have never used the journal in the picture. I am always going to opt for saving the money and making it myself!)

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