To Crust or Not To Crust

thI used to fight my kids about eating bread crusts. We paid good money for that bread, and you will eat it all! We also used to pay good money for bread crumbs for various breading and other recipes. One day it finally hit me that the crusts my kids hate to eat could be turned into breadcrumbs, thus saving us that expense. Here is how we do it. When a child has a sandwich and doesn’t want the crusts, the rule is that the crusts must be cut off the bread before any sandwich items are put on. This keeps peanut butter and salami out of our bread crumbs. We keep a zipper bag in the freezer and all bread crusts get tossed into that zipper bag. Once a month I take out all the crusts and any other small portions of unused bread that we have stashed in the freezer and make breadcrumbs. I shred everything in the food processor, adding various seasonings as I go. Then I place the bag of breadcrumbs back into the freezer until I am ready to use some. I can scoop out as much as I need for any recipe and the rest stay in the freezer.

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