Keep Mice Away with Peppermint Oil

Christmas peppermint mouseSure, the Christmas mouse with a peppermint stick is cute, but did you know that in real life a mouse will not go near peppermint? Our new house is somewhat in the country and as a result, we had a mouse visitor in our three-season room. The kids named him (Jerry what else?)  and wanted to keep him as a pet (ick!) so we knew a trap that would kill him would be out of the question. So we began looking for alternatives that wouldn’t have a kid finding a dead mouse. A quick internet search said that peppermint oil would keep mice away. Honestly, I was skeptical. Sure, something really stinky would keep it away, but peppermint? It is a refreshing scent.

We decided to give it a try, mainly because there weren’t many other suggestions that wouldn’t kill the mouse and/or introduce chemicals to our house. So we placed a few drops of peppermint essential oil around the three-season room, paying careful attention to the areas  from where we suspected mice to be entering. We also placed several cotton balls soaked with the peppermint oil around the room. I am happy to report that we have had no mouse sightings and no dead mice.

You can get peppermint essential oil at any whole or natural foods or medicine shop or online from

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