Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

DSCN3010This weekend our family experienced our first PCS (military term for when someone is reassigned to a different base) loss. Our best family friends are moving across the country. This family is in our LifeGroup and is just “that family” for us where all the parents and all the kids get along and enjoy being together.  For our kids, this was their first (of what I am sure will be many) PCS loss. For us it has usually been us moving away to an exciting new adventure, leaving friends behind. This first time of having friends move away is proving tough. As we drove home from the going away party at the beach our car was fill of silent tears and reflective hearts. While we had been preparing our kids (and ourselves) for our friends moving away, that final goodbye proved to be more difficult that we expected. Middle Child is taking it exceptionally hard as she is losing not one, but two great friends as this family leaves.

All this got me thinking about ways to help my kids deal with this, and the subsequent moving of friends that being attached to a military base will bring. How can we help them separate and grieve properly? Last night, talking to Middle Child as she worked through her feelings I was reminded once again that Jesus knows how we feel. He saw all His friends run away and even deny Him at the end. Jesus understands feeling lonely. And He can bring the comfort and solace our soul’s need.

So today I am giving the kids a little more grace, encouraging them to be patient with each other. Ephesians 4:26 reminds us to “be angry but do not sin.” The order of the day around our house is “be sad, but do not sin.” Remember to love on your kids and your friends!

2 thoughts on “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Yes it is! We are all about embracing the adventure of life. This rotating friends regularly is just very new to us.

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