Curriculum Review: Horizons Phonics & Reading

Concept: Using workbooks and readers, Horizons Phonics and Reading teaches phonics-based reading and decoding skills, beginning with letter sounds and going through digraphs and diphthongs.

How It Works: Each day has an activity relating to a specific phonetic sound (individual letters or combination blend sounds). The child does a workbook page (front and back) and reads a story that goes with the phonetic sound they are learning. Every 10 lessons there are reviews and assessments over previously learned materials.

How We Used It: We started with this program for Middle Child in 1st grade. We were thrilled with the easy-to-use workbooks that allowed even younger children to work independently. When we realized that First Born was struggling with spelling and some reading skills in 3rd grade, we went back and did the 2nd grade level of Horizons Phonics and Reading. Going through the 2nd grade course dramatically improved First Born’s reading and spelling abilities. Little Man will get the full benefit of the Horizons program as he is starting with the Kindergarten level after completing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

Recommendation: Yes, we recommend Horizons Phonics & Reading. This curriculum gives a great background for phonics, especially blends, digraphs, and diphthongs, which really help unlock higher-level reading and spelling skills. At the end of the second grade  level our kids could read at well above second grade reading level.

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