Getting Rid of Ants Without Chemical Bug Spray

White-VinegarWe were warned about all the ants in the spring when we moved to the south, but our first spring didn’t bring many ants. This year is warm and wet and things are different. We found ants walking around outside in February and sure enough, this weekend ants found their way into our kitchen. The only other place we have ever had ants in the house was in Taiwan. While I want the ants gone, I am not wild about using a chemical bug spray around our kitchen. So I began researching some alternatives. What I found was that one of my favorite products is great for repelling ants – vinegar!

It is no secret that I love to use vinegar as a natural way to clean. From bathrooms to conditioner, to mopping floors, vinegar is a great alternative to chemical cleaning products. But it can also help get rid of ants. You can wipe down counters and cabinets with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to keep ants away. (TIP: Be careful if you have granite because vinegar can scratch it.). This works because ants don’t like the smell. Plus ants use smell to track their trails. The vinegar will hide the smell of their trails and drive them away. You can also put this mixture in a spray bottle and use it inside and out to keep ants away.

Another tip is to draw a chalk line where you see ants entering your home. This is a natural ant repellant and ants won’t cross the chalk into your house.

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Ants Without Chemical Bug Spray

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