Blowing Out Easter Eggs

Now that our kids are older, we thought we would combine science and Easter eggs and teach them about blowing out eggs. My husband took the lead on this project and he and the kids had a blast. They followed these instructions for blowing out eggs.

A couple of tips he learned: Egg blowing

  1. Be sure to enlarge the hole that you want the egg yolk to fall through, but do it gently. He found that “pecking” around the initial puncture hole produced the best results with minimal cracking.
  2. Take the time using tweezers or cuticle scissors to really puncture the egg membrane, even slightly pulling the membrane out of the hole. This will speed up the process and make sure the egg gets emptied when your kids try to blow on the egg.

Once blown out, decorate your eggs any way you choose. These can be saved to use as decorations in future years.


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