Repurposing: DIY Ice Packs

Anyone with kids, especially little boys, knows that needing to ice an injury is inevitable. Here are a few alternatives to ice (which melts quickly) and peas (which shape to the injury but can mess up dinner plans!):

  1. Ketchup packets: Take all those ketchup packets you get at fast food restaurants and put them in the  DSC_0282freezer. The ketchup doesn’t completely solidify and the packet makes a great icepack for small injuries, especially for fingers, toes, or near eyes.                                            (Image from 
  2. Dishwashing liquid: Fill a zipper bag 2/3 full with Dawn or another very viscous dishwashing liquid and store in the freezer. This gets very cold, but doesn’t freeze completely, making it able to shape to cover injuries.
  3. Alcohol: Combine rubbing alcohol with water in a 1:3 ratio (one part alcohol to 3 parts water) in a zipper bag. Store in the freezer. Again, this gets very cold, but doesn’t completely solidify, so it shapes to injured areas.

TIP: Double bag things to keep leaks from happening.

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