Blowing Up the Schedule

Yesterday we didn’t dust. The laundry didn’t get finished.  Dinner wasn’t what was on the menu plan for Monday (we did kids on a trainTaco cups – yum!). Schoolwork didn’t get completed. The table was strewn with books and doodle pages. The kitchen bears the remnants of my husband’s dinner-making adventure. And you know what? It was a great day!

While passing on a strong work ethic and following schedules and routines are valuable skills to give your children, one that is equally as important, but often overlooked, is knowing when to step back and have fun. Today, instead of doing what we had planned for school and chores, my kids and husband joined my on a trip to a town about an hour away. I had a doctor appointment that lasted 10 minutes, but we decided to stay and play – to experience something new – and just enjoy a sunny day. We explored a new downtown area, visited a great train museum, and even splurged on lunch out at a restaurant where they come to your table to take your order (a MAJOR rarity with a family of 5 living on one teacher’s income).

On the drive home, as the kids slept away the excitement of the day, I was reminded that, while it is the reality that most days we must do chores and schoolwork, taking the time to make fun family memories is definitely as important as getting through scheduled materials.

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