Product Review:

mzl_uqorunueOk, to be fair this isn’t exactly a product because you don’t pay for it. It is a free online service to manage kids chores and rewards. My Job Chart describes their service as a fun, easy to use online chore chart and reward system.

We joined My Job Chart about a month ago. Setting up the family and chores takes a little time, but it is totally customizable. You can add whatever chores and rewards you want, and assign point values to each. Each point equals 1 penny. Kids can use their points for cash, toys or other purchased items (you can link directly to things on, which lets the  kid see what they are working toward), or other rewards (baking cookies, picking the family movie or game, etc.). You can customize the payment (rewards) to your family, and even by individual child. For example, our 4-year-old gets 10 points for making his bed, but our 10-year-old only gets 1. Our 8-year-old can earn baking cookies with 300 points, but it takes only 100 for our 4-year-old to earn the same reward. This system works just like any other responsibility chart but has the added fun of being online (which kids love) and letting them see exactly what they are working toward earning.

Overall, we have been pleased with My Job Chart. The kids love getting on the computer (each family member has their own log-in from your family page) and checking off their chores. As parents, our favorite part is that this system still incorporates three accounts for each child – save, share (give), and spend. We were able to add our church as the designated place their share money goes so they can still tithe on the points they earn. Because earned points can only be placed in accounts in increments of 5, something I wish was different, we have the kids move points in blocks of 100. So every time their points get to 100 they put 20 in save, 10 in share, and 70 in spend. Any remaining points stay in the “waiting to be organized” area until they top 100 again and then repeat the process. Even our 4-year-old can log in to his profile, check off his chores, and move his points with little to no supervision.

As kids check off chores, parents get daily emails showing what has and has not been checked off. This allows the parent to know what kids are doing, and if they are being honest about what they checked off. You can go back to previous days under each child’s log in and correct any mistakes but either checking or unchecking a chore.

This has worked very well for our family so far and we would recommend as a good way to assign, manage, and reward work children are doing in the home, with the added benefit of teaching them about finances.

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