Product Review: FlipFold

FlipFoldLaundryFolder_lYou may have seen FlipFold on The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon carefully folds even his socks in it. Or you may have seen them in retail establishments, helping keep the clothes looking neat. The FlipFold is a great laundry tool. At our house, folding shirts has always been an issue. For some reason, I was the only person who could fold a shirt neatly. I got tired of the fighting and ordered the FlipFold (adult and junior sizes).

This product is easy to use  – our 4-year-old can now fold shirts neatly. The older girls are now fighting over who gets to fold the laundry. After two weeks of use most of our clothes have cycled through the laundry and everything is now neatly folded. I love it because clothes are less wrinkled and easier to put away and keep drawers neat. The kids enjoy folding the laundry using the FlipFold.

I would highly recommend the FlipFold, especially for homes where there are a lot of kids, or where kids help out with laundry. The cost is generally under $30, and deals can be found through sites like and

(The Organized Wife received no compensation for this review.)

3 thoughts on “Product Review: FlipFold

  1. I had one that I had gotten on HSN years ago. I think it got lost in a couple of moves. Oh I miss it now. Especially for those socks… (lol)

  2. I agree completely! I live in a small beach cottage and the FlipFold keeps everything neat and organized. Even my towels look great! I would be cautious about Amazon though…they usually have just the knock-offs.

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