Room-by-Room Organization: Bathroom


The first step to an organized bathroom is a clean bathroom. Start by emptying the room of everything. Then follow these simple bathroom cleaning tips. Before you start to put anything away, remember rule #7  of Habits of Organized People – keep flat surfaces clear.

Once your bathroom is clean, you can start organizing.

Consider using pencil boxes to hold things like make-up, brushes,  hair accessories, and other collections of items.

Reuse yeast or baby food jars to hold cotton balls, q-tips, and other small items. Use other glass jars as toothbrush holders and even glasses.

Put an over-the-door shoe organizer on the door to hold things like hair products, curling irons, extra soaps, even cleaning products. Consider cutting these organizers in half and using Command Adhesive or Velcro to hang the smaller organizer inside cabinet doors if you don’t want them out on the bathroom door.

Add dishwashing bins under sinks to hold towels or other toiletries. These can even be used to hold all items used on a daily basis. Then all your daily items are in one place but the bin can be put away under the sink as soon as you are done using it so the counters stay clear.

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