Saturday Project: Map Artwork

map-frames-0811mld107418_vertWhen I was a kid my grandparents had a map hanging in their family room and my grandma had drawn basic routes of all their world travels on the map. I used to love to trace their trips and dream about the places I would travel when I grew up.

Now that our family has traveled and lived in various places in the US and around the world, I decided I wanted to have a map of our travels too. As I was looking for a way to dress up a map besides just drawing in pen the trip routes on it I came across a pin on Pinterest that directed me to a Martha Stewart project for making map artwork. This difference here is that the trip routes are sewn into the map. I loved it. So this weekend’s project is to make a map of all our travels – with the routes actually sewn onto the map.

I can’t wait to see all our trips on one map!

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