Room-by-Room Organization: Play Room

In our house the play room is the one room that seems to get messier faster than any other place. It is where all the kids gather during 76047-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Brother-And-Sister-Playing-With-Toys-In-Their-Play-Roomour small group, where the kids go on Saturday mornings before Mom & Dad are up, and in general where chaos happens. But it is possible to keep this room organized. Simple systems that kids can easily use will work wonders. Here are some tips.

Too Many Toys: Keeping the Toys Under Control guide you through sorting toys down to a manageable amount.

We prefer using open bin storage because kids can see what goes where easily. Add a label with words or a picture of the kind of toy that goes into each bin. Of course, dishwashing tubs are my favorite inexpensive bin for this. We have them on sturdy bookshelves. The kids keep all the Legos in one, all the spy-gear in another. The cars get one and the ponies get another. You get the idea. When all the toys are out, everyone takes a bin and fills it and the room is picked up and organized in no time.

Add bins that seal for storage of messy items such as art supplies or play-doh. Plastic file bins work great for this and can often be picked up for less than $5 second-hand. The kids know that they can play with open bin items any time but that they must have permission to get into any bin with a lid.

Another great organizing item for the playroom is a 90s style entertainment center. These can be picked up for under $25 through garage sales and online listings and are great for keeping all the TV, DVD, and gaming stuff corralled and organized. Don’t be afraid to paint, cut, or otherwise customize a second-hand unit to fit your needs.

Don’t spend a lot of money buying storage and furniture for the playroom as the odds are it will be “well-loved”. Invest in sturdy second-hand pieces that can be adjusted to fit the needs of the room as the kids grow up.

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