Room-by-Room Organization: Family Room

While the formal living room is quickly becoming a thing of the past, the family room is becoming the main family gathering and entertaining space. Because of that, this room cries out for organization more than it used to. Here are some tips…

dresser storageConsider using a dresser or buffet for a TV stand/media center. This will provide a lot of storage for media components as well as things like toys, craft supplies, electronics cords and accessories, or even diapers and wipes for the times of life when you have little kids.

Add a bookshelf for everyday items like Bibles, Kindle or Nook, and current books everyone in the family is reading. You can customize the bookcase by adding fabric backing, using pallet wood for a backing, or adding pops of accent colors through functional accessories. Add baskets for each person to allow everyone to keep small items – electronics, toys, etc. – keeping things out of sight, but still easily accessible.

A blanket chest or trunk can be used as a coffee table and double as an art or office center or be used more traditionally to hold cozy blankets.

With a few hidden storage areas, the family room can be an organized and comfortable room to spend time in together.

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