Room-by-Room Organization: Dining Room

Whether an eat-in kitchen or a formal dining room, the place where you eat must also be organized. One of the best ways to keep this room neat and organized is to simply pick it up every night after dinner. Assign someone the job of clearing the table and wiping it down. Small children can be assigned to push chairs in.

Consider keeping a set of regularly used items – napkins, salt – on the table. Consider using a Lazy Susan for this purpose.

Bookcase afterEliminate clutter by keeping the table somehow set. You don’t have to have all the dishes out, but keep placemats and a simple centerpiece to remind people this is a table, not a place for clutter to fall.

Consider adding a dresser or bookshelf to the room if you don’t have a hutch or buffet. These can be less expensive options and offer great storage space. You can refinish an old, ugly dresser or add fabric backing to a bookcase to make it match your decor. Use this piece of furniture to store table linens, serving ware, china or other formal dishes, etc.

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