Saturday Project: Personal History

My kids love to listen to us tell stories of when we were kids, when we got married, time my husband served in the Navy, when they were born, trips we have taken, etc. It doesn’t matter that they have heard most of these stories before;  they regularly ask us to “tell me about the time…”.

I don’t have a good family history. Many of our family items telling the story of the family have been lost as older one passed away and boxes got lost or damaged in moves. Because of this, and my kids regular desire to hear about our family history I decided to write it all down for them. But where to start?

Here is a collection of links that will get you going. These links have lists of questions and challenges to tell your story and your family’s story for future generations. Be as creative as you like. You can put things in a binder or scrapbook with photos or other memorabilia or you can type it up and insert digital pictures if you have them. The important thing is to just get your history down.

Real Simple Personal History Questions

This Is Me Challenge

This Is Me Challenge LDS Version (I’m not LDS but it gives some interesting faith questions that others can adapt)

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