Room-by-Room Organization: Kitchen

While the front hall isn’t usually directly connected to the kitchen, the kitchen is the next room people often see when they are in your home. It is true, the kitchen is the heart of the home. When people, family or friends, are in the house, they are more often than not in the kitchen. This room gets used everyday, by many people, and can be a challenge to keep organized if proper systems aren’t in place.

We will tackle the refrigerator and pantry separately, but here are some ideas for getting a kitchen of any size organized:

Family Calendar – this is most likely located in a kitchen area and can be the key to family organization. Use color-coding to make it even more organized and easy to read!

Sort by use – Put things away together based on how you use them.DSCN0641

Keep it handy – Put items you use everyday on counters or in cabinets closest to where you will use them.

Put a lid on it – Store lids in the same area as plasticware either directly in the container or keep all lids together in one container. We keep sippy cup lids and straws in a recycled ice cream tub in the same cabinet as the cups.

Vertical Storage – Try storing baking pans vertically in cabinets by adding spring rods or magazine organizers on their side to keep pans separate and lined up.

Most used recipes – Keep frequently used recipes taped to the inside of cabinet doors for quick and easy, but out of sight, access.

Dishwashing Tubs – Regular readers know I am a huge fan of these inexpensive tubs to keep all kinds of things organized. Try using them in the kitchen to keep smaller items together or in cabinets where you wish you had drawers instead.

Keep all flat surfaces – counters, tables, and chair seats – free of clutter. Resist the urge to set anything out. Check out #7 on the list of Habits of Highly Organized People.

Under Sink Storage – If you must store cleaning bottles etc. under the sink, consider hanging a tension rod and hanging spray bottles off it for easy access.

Next we will tackle the pantry!

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