Room-by-Room Organization: Front Hall Closet

Entryway. Front Hall. Foyer. Whatever you call it, this is the first room of your house, and it is often overlooked. A well-organized home must have a well-organized front hall. This room often has a closet, which people stuff with winter coats and vacuums. But this space can be an excellent starting point for home organization.

Starting with the closet, limit everyone to 1-2 coats in the space. Store other coats in bedroom closets. Only keep the current season’s coats in the hall closet.

Shoe organizerAdd an over-the-door shoe organizer to the back of the hall closet door. The pockets can be filed with scarves, gloves, and hats for winter and sunscreen and sunglasses for summer. You can also use pockets to hold things like dog leashes, bug spray, dryer sheets (a great alternative to bug spray), and other regularly used items that you don’t want on display. You can also use the pockets for cleaning supplies if you don’t have a utility or laundry room to keep them in.

To finish the hall closet, add a dishwashing tub to hold each family member’s regularly used shoes. This must be limited to only what fits in the tub and all other shoes should be stored in bedroom closets.

If you plan to use this closet only for coats, consider removing the door and hanging rod. Add 2 rows of hooks, one up high for adults and one at no more than 3 feet high for kids. This will allow coats and backpacks or purses to be easily hung and retrieved in the space. Keep baskets or bins for shoes on the floor and more baskets or bins on the shelf for gloves, scarves, hats, etc.

Tomorrow we will tackle the rest of the front hall.

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