Saturday Project: Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

Tomato Cage Christmas Trees seem to be all the rage on Pinterest and such sites but many of the photographs do not come with instructions for making them. Here are instructions for making a variety of Tomato Cage Christmas Trees:



  1. Select a tomato cage that is the size you want your tree to be. Be sure you use a cone-shaped tomato cage to get the shape of a Christmas Tree. 
  2. If your tree will sit on table, the floor, or other flat surface, use tin snips to cut off the longer “spikes” at the bottom that anchor the cage into soil. Leave these if you plan to put your tree in a pot.
  3. If you will put your tree in a pot, fill with styrofoam, moss, dirt, or anything that your can stick your tomato cage into. You may want to cover with moss, straw, or fabric to make it look pretty.
  4. Decide & purchase what you want to use to cover your cage. You can use just lights, evergreen garland, tinsel, tulle, or anything that will wrap around the cage. You can embellish with ornaments and other decorations. The possibilities are endless!
  5. imagesWrap your coverings around the tomato cage. When you get to the top, if you have extra you can continue back down the cage (if you are using something light lights where you will see inside the cage) or tuck the extra down in the cage from the top (for fabric)
  6. Embellish. Add ornaments and other embellishments using fishing wire (thread through ornament and tie to cage) or hot glue. bigtomato

2 thoughts on “Saturday Project: Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

  1. Two thumbs up. I love this and I will try next year. Your tree looks a lot better than some of the things you find in the stores. Thank you.

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