Saturday Project: Thanksgiving

The Saturday before Thanksgiving is bust around our house. On this day we do the shopping, make any items needed for centerpieces and table, and gather all the supplies we will need in one place (I use a dish bin and keep everything in one place). Here are some projects and a collection of Thanksgiving recipes to keep you busy today and in the days leading up to Thanksgiving:

To Do:

  • Wash any special occasion dishes that you will want to use on Thanksgiving. China, crystal, special servicing plates etc. don’t get used regularly and often need a good washing before you use them.
  • Gather all supplies needed for each dish you will prepare and keep then all in one place. Make a list of anything you are missing so you can go to the store.
  • Make centerpieces and decorations.
  • Gather any supplies you will need for Thank You notes or hostess gifts. Add anything you need to your shopping list.
  • Go to the store and get anything you need.



Don’t forget the basic etiquette rules! Following these simple rules will help make this Thanksgiving and other special occasions even better!

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