Orange Cranberry Chutney Recipe

In my childhood home, cranberry sauce meant the jelly out of a can. You know the stuff. It comes out in the shape of a can and has to be sliced. I have never cared much for cranberry sauce, and I totally blame this jelly! While living in Taiwan my family still wanted cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving so I was forced to learn how to make an actual sauce. But of course getting fresh cranberries was difficult in a small Taiwanese town. However we found Craisins at every store. So I decided to make my own cranberry chutney. (Chutneys usually have vinegar in them, but that really is the best word to describe the sauce, even without the vinegar). This turned out to be a favorite dish (one child guest took a bowl of the stuff and ate it all day).

Here is the easy recipe

1 cup of Craisins or dried cranberries

1/2 cup orange juice

1 teaspoon orange zest

2 teaspoons sugar

In a small pot put the orange juice. If it is tart, add sugar to taste. Add orange zest and Craisins. Heat on med-high to boiling, which will allow the dried cranberries to be rehydrated by the orange juice, causing them to plump. Stir regularly to keep things from sticking. Once the cranberries are plumped and soft, remove from heat. As the chutney cools it will thicken and gel, creating a yummy orange cranberry chutney.

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