Organizing a Move Part 3: Moving Day

So you have made it to moving day. Congratulations! Now the hard work really begins. To keep your moving day going smoothly here are some tips:

  1. Get the kids out of the house. Keeping the kids around will slow things down and likely cause everyone unneeded stress. Actually seeing their things in boxes and being put on a truck can cause even kids who are excited about a move a lot of stress. Hire an off-site babysitter, farm the kids out to friend’s houses, bring in a grandparent and send them off with the kids to a hotel with a pool – but get the kids out of the house for the day.
  2. Pack your last-minute items. Get all those last-minute things in boxes – sheets, toiletries, food etc.
  3. Count boxes. Before anything goes on a truck count the boxes. Assign someone to stand at the door. Label each box with a number as it goes out the door, and on a list (think clipboard) record what was in that number box. This will help you make sure you have everything and make claims easier if movers break or lose something. If you are putting items into storage, make two lists – one for storage and one for what is moving to the new location. Do this whether or not you hire movers or do the work yourself.
  4. At the new place, before anything goes into the house verify the box number and the room it goes into from your list. Make sure the people helping you move understand what you call each room. A simple diagram of your home with the rooms labeled by what you call them will get your boxes in the right rooms.
  5. Suggest using one door for boxes and another for furniture if you have 2 doors. This can speed up the process.
  6. Once everything is in the house and you are certain you have all your boxes, start by unpacking the last-minute boxes that you labeled as needing to unpack first. This will get the things you immediately need out for you to use.
  7. Go through the boxes room by room, in the reverse order of packing. Start with the kitchen and kids bedrooms. Getting your kitchen and the kids rooms put together first will help you get back to regular life more quickly.

Remember to eat and get some sleep. You are no help to anyone if you are hungry and exhausted.

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