Organizing a Move Part 1: Before the Packing

It seems that in the past 2 years we have lived in a perpetual state of being ready to move. We believe that part of our calling as Christians is to be ready to go wherever God sends us, whenever He says go. However, various times in life provide for more stability from moves than others. But being ready for a move doesn’t have to be as terrible as people say. Here are some great tips for moving.

  1. Eliminate clutter. This is great advice not just for moves, but essential when planning for a move. Regularly purge (sell, give, toss) items that you don’t use or need. Keep your home full of things you love and use. Get rid of the rest of it. If you aren’t using it now (or in the last 12 months) the odds are you don’t need it. And if you do need it in the future the odds are the old one you are holding on to won’t work right anyway. So get rid of the “stuff” (we sold everything except for what would fit in 10 suitcases twice in 15 months!). Don’t move things you don’t want or need.
  2. Sort and organize. Before you pack a thing sort and organize. Make sure your linens are all in one place. Gather all your books in one room. Put all your Christmas decoration in one place. Get the stuff you have left after #1 organized so that packing is easier.
  3. Pre-Pack. Do you have clothes or dishes that you know you won’t use before the move? Start packing them now. Use SpaceBags to save space for clothes and plush toys (we moved to and from Taiwan with these super space savers!). You don’t have to put these items in boxes yet. Just pre-pack them into existing luggage or space bags.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series: Everything Happens in the Last Week!

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