Halloween – What to do when you don’t celebrate

Halloween is the # 1 growing holiday, rivaling only Christmas in the sales of holiday themed decoration and displays. But also in growing numbers many families are choosing to skip celebrating this day. Whether for religious or personal convictions or just to keep the kids away from strangers and their candy, many families are looking for some alternative to trick-or-treat and haunted houses. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Family game night – stay in, play games, and just enjoy time as a family. Remember to keep your porch-light off or to put a sign on the door.

2. Run errands – stores & restaurants are generally less busy during trick-or-treat hours. This may be a great time to catch up on much needed errands. We used to schedule out little ones doctor appointments during trick-or-treat hours. Again, leave that porch light off.

3. Treasure Hunting or Geocashing – If you geocash, set out to find a new point. If not, set up a treasure hunt in your own back yard.

4. Family Bible study – we have in the past talked about how people wear masks and pretend to be things they really aren’t in order to please other people or hide themselves from the world. We then talk about what it means to be transparent and how God already knows all our secrets and sins anyway and He is just waiting for us to trust Him with our stuff.

5. Dress up night – let the little ones show off various costumes and sill outfits. Have teen-agers do a fall or Homecoming fashion show. Dress the family in your favorite teams colors. Let the kids dress up mom and dad, complete with make-up and hair. Take lots of great, silly pictures of your fashion night

If your family chooses to abstain from Halloween, what do you do? Share your ideas in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Halloween – What to do when you don’t celebrate

  1. We personally celebrate Halloween, but I was at a school where the teacher did a really neat pumpkin lesson. They drew pumpkins and estimated the number of seeds and counted them and felt the inside. The kids had a blast and there was no mention of ghosts or jack o lanterns, etc.

    • We also have often done pumpkin crafts. Though we choose not to use a jack-o-lantern face, we have done fall carvings and painting, as well as just experience the feel of a pumpkin. We usually wait until after 10/31 because the price of pumpkins goes way down as of 11/1!

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