Vertical Baking Pan Storage

We are tying a new storage idea at our house – vertical baking pan storage. I hate keeping the baking pans that I use all the time in the drawer under our stove (okay so I actually hate our stove, but it will have to do for now). We decided to move some items that we do not use as frequently into the drawer and use cabinet space for the baking pans. After trying a lot of variations, we decided to use tension rods in the cabinet to create slots of various sizes for muffin tins, cookies sheets, and other baking pans. While we are going with tension rods, some other ideas include repurposing a desktop file or bill sorter, or turning magazine holders on their side to create slots for pans. Use items that you have or that are cheap, because no one but your family will see the inside of the cabinet anyway. 

5 thoughts on “Vertical Baking Pan Storage

  1. I have one cabinet above my pantry that vertically stores our pizza pans, cookie sheets, cutting boards and large hotplate/trivets. I love it!

  2. After searching the internet for ideas, I still couldn’t come up with a solution to this tidy up my untidy pan cupboard. I have had a refit in my utility room and taken down an open end wall cupboard that has shaped shelf edges. I was just about to put it on our local free cycle when an idea popped into my head. I tried it on the bottom shelf of my 1000 mm kitchen cupboard and hey presto, an instant solution. I positioned the unit in the centre of the cupboard, thereby leaving another 4 or 5 inches space at both ends of the unit. Frying pans sit on one side, baking tins etc in the middle two sections, as the middle shelf on the actual cabinet separates them and wire cooling racks on the other side. Brilliant.

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