Sick Days for Mom

What happens around your house when Mom gets sick? Do things still run smoothly or does laundry pile up, toys get left out, and general chaos rule? Many of us moms push though colds and coughs but what happens when you are really sick and need to take a day or two “off”? Of course most of us never really take the day off, but on those occasions where you are really sick you need a plan for how the house needs to run and who is responsible for what. Enter the Mom’s Sick Day Binder. This is a simple binder with tabs for chores, laundry, cooking, school/homework, and all your other big jobs. Customize the tabs based on the most important things you do everyday and leave out things that aren’t crucial for the house to stay clean, people to eat, and schoolwork to get finished. In each tabbed section, give simple instructions for each member of the family so that they can step up and fill in for you when you really are too sick to run the house. Older children can cook and clean, younger ones can pick up toys and sort laundry. Dad can handle overseeing all the chores and picking up a few extras for a day or two. A small binder with this information will keep the basic must-dos around your house happening, even when you are too sick to be up making sure it all goes as planned.

Bonus: When they all see everything you do (and just the major stuff) printed out and how much work you put in, not only will the family be happy to have you back healthy quickly, but they may just be a bit more appreciative of all you regularly do when you are well, without a binder or list to keep your house well-organized and running smoothly.

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