DIY Yearbooks

This time of year has me thinking about football games, marching bands, and field trips…and all the other great school adventures that go into a yearbook. That is something my kids are “missing” being home schooled – no yearbook. We have photo books to chronicle our favorite vacations and for various sports teams the kids have been a part of over the years. So why not create a yearbook for your family? We make a photo-review for our Christmas cards of the highlights of our year (and yes, I am already putting that together). But those get mailed out. Sure I keep the file on the computer, but that isn’t something the kids can look through and remember. So beginning this year (and possibly going back through previous years) I am putting together a family yearbook. It will include pictures from our favorite vacations and outings, holiday celebrations, birthdays, and those priceless silly moments captured on film. We use Shutterfly for our family website and to create all our photo books, but there are many great options out there. These are simple books that the kids can look at without fear of damaging my hard work scrapbooking (and those fancy scrapbooks ended when Middle Child turned 2. All the stuff from the last 6 years is in a box with the notes of what I want to do with scrapbooks. I will get to putting it all together when I’m not so busy living life.). They love to look over the books of our vacations. I hope the kids will love our family yearbooks just as much!

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