Clothes and Closet Organizing

Keeping clothes in dressers or closets organized is a priority around our house, as I am sure it is in yours. Space is limited and in order to keep things well cared-for and neat, everyone must take part in keeping things organized. Here are some quick tips for closet and clothes organization:

#1. Add a rod. If your closets don’t have two-tiered storage, add a second rod half-way between the existing closet rod and the floor. Most clothes do not need the full 6 feet to hang. Adding a second rod will double your storage space for hanging clothes. Instead of installing expensive rods, use an expansion shower rod. These can handle the weight of clothes and can easily be removed if you move or if you need more long storage in the future.

#2. Hang it up. New homes and apartments closets are large. Whenever possible, hang clothes, even tee-shirts and shorts, to free up drawer space. This will allow for fewer large furniture items for storage (saving money on the purchase and floor space).

#3. Think use. Sort clothes by use. Have a section for everyday tee-shirts, a section for shorts, a section for jeans, a section for dressy clothes etc. This will help your kids (and possibly husbands) to keep the closet organized. A place for everything and everything in its place!

#4. Use the rainbow. Organize clothes by color in each section starting with white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, navy blue, purple, black, gray. This will make it easier for kids to learn to put away clothes and to find things when you need them. Even my 4-year-old follows the system in #3 and #4.

#5. Get creative. Dish bins can be used for storing socks in the closet, all the flip-flops, or PJs under the bed. An over-the-door shoe organizer can store shoes, or socks, underwear, or hats and hair accessories.

4 thoughts on “Clothes and Closet Organizing

  1. We do the rainbow idea with clothes and seasons (sleeveless pink, pink Tshirt, pink long sleeve, pink heavier shirt, etc). If the closet is larger we have a summer & winter section, if not, they are all sorted by color together. I also use a color system with hangers too…white = clean/ready to wear, blue = worn a little but not quite dirty enough that it needs washing, any other color = clean but needs ironing (so it doesn’t end up more wrinkled sitting in a laundry basket for weeks).

    • Stacy, I love the color coded hangers for levels of ready-to-wear! Great idea! When we moved to the house we are currently in we went to white for kids clothes and blue for parents because as my girls get older it gets harder and harder to tell what is mine and what is theirs.

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