Clothes Sorting

August/September seems to be one of the major times we sort through clothes. As school starts and the seasons change, we need to go through all the clothes the kids have and figure out what must be purchased. So here are some tips for sorting kids’ clothes:

  • Designate 5 areas that are separate from each other. Use laundry baskets, boxes, or anything that can contain the clothes. Label each area with one of these labels: keep, hand-me-down, give/sell, mending, rags
  • Clothes you are keeping go back into closets and drawers (more on storage coming soon!)
  • Clothes you are handing down go into that child’s closet or drawers if they will fit now. If not, place them in a storage bin that you label with the child’s name they are for next, season, and the size (Kyleigh- Summer Size 10)
  • Take all clothes that need mending to your sewing area (I have a dish bin in my closet where all mending goes.). Use a sticky note or pin an index card to the items with exactly what needs to be mended so that you remember when you go to sew things.
  • Clothes in the rags pile need to be sorted into rags that you will use as patches (put those in a another bin in your sewing area) and rags that are to be use as rags for cleaning etc. (put these with your cleaning supplies).
  • Clothes in the give/sell pile will need to be sorted further. Sort into clothes you want to sell to make some extra cash and clothes you want to give away. If you plan to give clothes to friends, sort into individual piles for each friend.

Once you have done this sorting you can look through the clothes you kept and decide what items you need to buy for that child. This way you will not end up with duplicate items and you will make sure you have what you need.

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