Back To School Tip: Packing Lunches

Whether you are going back to school or back to home school, lunches can be a pain to deal with. We all know that packing lunches is less expensive and healthier than buying, but it can be a pain. The kids don’t want what you packed or rushing through the morning only to find that no one packed lunches and throwing anything left in the house in a bag. So here’s a tip to make this all easier.

First grab a couple dish bins and fill on in the pantry with approved bread, peanut butter, drinks, snacks and sides (like crackers, fruit etc.) and another in the fridge with jelly/jam, lunch meat, yogurt, cold veggies, dips, cheese etc. On Sunday make an assembly line and have the kids make their own lunches (my kiddos have packed or made their own lunch from the age of 5). Make the entire week’s lunches. Keep the first couple days lunches in the fridge, and freeze the rest. If there is fruit or something that won’t freeze and thaw well, pack in the fridge, but get the whole week packed at once.

With this system the kids can easily grab that day’s lunch and go!

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