Back to School Tip: Trial Run

Before you get to the first day of school, do a trial run. Get everyone’s backpack ready at night with everything they will take on the first day of school. Lay out clothes for the next day (this doesn’t have to be a special “first day” outfit but it can be if there is enough time to wash it before the actual first day!). Go to bed at the normal school night bedtime.

Wake up like it is the first day of school. Try using Morning Cards to help establish the morning routine and have everyone go through their regular school day morning routine. Give them a good school-day breakfast. Then head out the door. If you drive the kids, pile in the car and do a trial run. If they walk to the bus stop, walk there, just to make sure how long it takes and that they know where to wait. If they drive themselves, have them do a practice drive, making sure they know what entrances to use and where to park.

Once you have made it to school, head out for a great end of summer treat!

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