School Supplies to Stock Up On

Back to school time is one of my favorite times of the year. Not because the kids will be back in school (as a home school family this doesn’t mean much!) but because of all the sales on great organizing supplies. During back to school shopping times, many great items that can be used creatively for organization are on sale. Here are a few of my “must have” items to stock up on (click on the links for creative ways to use these items):

#1. Pencil Boxes – preferably clear. These little boxes can be used to organize office & school supplies, but so much more. A sewing kit? A first aid kit? Math manipulatives? There is really no limit to the possibilities!

#2. Binders – Often binders are around $1 each during back to school time. Stock up. We use binders to organize many important papers. Emergency Binders, Trip Binders, schoolwork and memories (one binder per school year per child filled with pockets to keep special papers, certificates, art, and photos etc.). Keep recipes you use regularly in plastic sheet protectors in a binder in the kitchen. Keep a binder with special games and DVDs for in the car. Put printables in plastic sheets in a binder for an instant dry-erase set. I can’t get enough binders!

#3. Pencil Pouches – Don’t confuse these with the pencil boxes. Here we are talking about the cloth zipper pouches for pencils. I love the pouches that can go in a 3-ring binder. These are great for keeping game pieces, dry erase markers, or even pencils & crayons (and not just on road-trips!) handy. We use the non-binder pencil pouches to corral small toys and game pieces around the house (keeping sets together) and for storing small kitchen items that aren’t used regularly (keeps them from getting dusty in the pouches).

#4. Scissors – Good scissors are hard to come by around our house. So during back to school time I always pick up several pairs of good scissors, usually for less that $1 each

#5. Post-Its – I can never have too many Post-It file tabs and note pads. Luckily these are often included in the back to school sale items. Stock up!

3 thoughts on “School Supplies to Stock Up On

  1. Making a list of the school supplies you need is one of the ways on how you can budget your money. With that list, you could stay away from the things that you do not really need.

    • Using a list is always the best way to shop. This way you know what you need, and if you stick to the list you will not be swayed by store displays or “sales” that don’t save you any money if it is not a needed item!

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