Saturday Project: Water Toys

We are a water family. Doesn’t matter if it is the beach, the pool, a waterpark, or the sprinkler. If there is water around, we will be there. Because of this I am always looking for some fun, easy, and inexpensive ways to make various water toys. Here are a few of our favorites:

#1. Water Sponge Balls – instead of water balloons, try making these sponge balls that are great for using over and over again. (TIP: We actually made ours with 2 layers of sponge strips instead of 3 like the directions suggest, making even more balls per sponge pack.)

#2. DIY Sprinkler – White Rabbit Farm has instructions for making a great sprinkler from a 2 liter bottle and a simple male-to-male hose connector from the hardware store.

#3. DIY Water Slide – Using just a tarp the sprinkler you made in #2 you can make your own Slip ‘N’ Slide. Try adding a few drops of baby shampoo to keep the slide extra slippery!

#4. Kid Wash – Living Life Intentionally has simple instructions for building your own kid wash out of PVC pipe. Configure your wash any way you want!

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