Saturday Project: Flip Flop Stamps

This week’s project is easy and cheap…two of my favorite things! The kiddos can help with this and that will make it more fun for them to use too.

We are making flip flop stamps for the beach. This is a great project for any time you will be in the sand. Here are the steps:

#1. Pick up a pair of inexpensive flip flops (Old Navy comes to mind) for each kid (and adult too if you want in on the fun).

#2. Pick up a tub of foam stickers at the craft store or your local mart. These can be shapes or letters. For me it depends on what is cheaper. Whatever you pick will be what you “stamp” in the sand.

#3. Attach the stickers to the flip flops. If you are serious about keeping the stickers on you can even hot-glue them. Remember to reverse the order of the letters if you do a word so that the stamps “say” something when you follow the footprint. This isn’t critical but a nice touch. (The shoe in the picture says the name “May” along the footprints”.)

#4. Walk around on some wet sand and leave your stamps all over the beach.

One thought on “Saturday Project: Flip Flop Stamps

  1. Had to laugh at myself just now. I looked at the picture before reading and had a wondeful ‘why did they use the word yam?’ before the whole backwards factor struck me and I proceded to go on and actually read it.

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