Saturday Project: Canvas Glue Art

I am obsessed with canvas art right now. Darn Pinterest! So this weekend’s project is another canvas art project, using glue to creat a dimensionall drawing. Here are the steps:

#1. Purchase a canvas and some while school glue (Elmer’s for example).

#2. Decide on what image you  want to draw on your canvas. I recommend searching for silhouette clip art of whatever image you want to put on your canvas to give you ideas. Simpler outlines work best. Skip this step if you want to do a free-form or abstract shape.

#3. With a pencil, draw your design onto the canvas. Skip this step is you are doing a free-form.

#4. Trace over your pencil lines with white school glue. (See picture for this step)

#5. Let the glue dry for 24 hours. This is crucial if you plan to add color. If you want to leave it all while (and you can’t see your pencil marks) you are finished.

#6. Once the glue is dry, spray over the whole canvas with a color of your choice. Once dry, you have a great piece of art!

TIP: If your glue dries and is not as “dimensional” as you would like, just trace over your lines with glue with a second (or third!) layer. This is also a great way to add various layers of dimension to your work of art.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Project: Canvas Glue Art

    • Yep, as soon as I do that step! I hope to finish the painting today. We spent yesterday at the beach so I didn’t get to the painting step!

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