Dishwashing Tubs for Organization

Most of us don’t use dish washing tubs unless we are camping. But I love these for organizing. You can pick them up for under $3 for the largest sizes at your local ‘Mart and at times they are under $1.We use these bins in all rooms of our house. You can get them in a lot of colors these days and can spice them up with vinyl stickers or paint to match any decor. Here are some ideas for ways to use dish washing tubs:

In the kitchen:

  • In the fridge we have two – one for produce that doesn’t fit in the crisper drawer and one for items we use regularly such as string cheese, fajita shells, lunch meats etc.
  • In the pantry we have two – one for paper products for entertaining, another for potatoes (to keep the dirt contained) and other extra produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

In the school/office area:

  • One for library books so you always know where they are
  • One for scrap paper and one for extra printer paper
  • One for math manipulatives
  • One for science kit pieces
  • Divide one with silverware trays for extra scissors, pens, etc.
  • Art supplies (paints, brushes and the right paper all in one bin)

Kids’ Rooms:

  • Toy storage for items like Legos (sort by color or set), Hot Wheels or other cars, Barbies etc.
  • Clothes such as socks, underwear etc. can easily be stored in bins that are stacked on shelves in the room or closet

Bathroom/Linen Closet:

  • Organized items being stored by type (bin for hair and cosmetic products, one for paper products etc. )
  • Keep all first aid items in one bin, including alcohol, peroxide,, ace bandages etc.
  • Store sheet sets by room in a bin
  • Keep guest sheets and towels in one bin

12 thoughts on “Dishwashing Tubs for Organization

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