Alternate Uses for an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

I love using things in creative ways to help with organization. We all know that an over-door shoe organizer can help corral shoes, but what other ways can we use them to organize?

TIP: If you don’t need to see the contents in the pockets easily, go ahead and invest the extra couple bucks in the cloth or canvas organizer. It will hold up to fairly heavy use and you will save money in the end over having to regularly replace the plastic ones!

#1. Front Closet – Hang an organizer over the front closet door, with the pockets facing into the closet. Assign each family member a row (littlest kids on the bottom, Dad on top). Fill the pockets with everyone’s gloves, hats, and scarves. Use extra pockets for pet leashes, sunscreen, bug spray, caps and visors, and all the things you like to have handy for going out but don’t want to show the world.

#2. Bathroom – Hang an organizer over the bathroom door or linen closet and keep extra toiletries, make-up, blow-dryer, curling iron, hair accessories, even first-aid items in it. This will free up cabinet and counter space for the smaller things that you really do use everyday.

#3. Kids Rooms – Put one on the kid’s bedroom and closet doors for much-needed extra storage. Keep small toys with many pieces in the lower pockets (great for Transformers, My Little Ponies or Barbies and accessories, Legos, Hot Wheels etc.). Roll sweat pants, tee-shirts, pajamas, or sweaters to free up drawer space. Store video games and system components in them to keep things tidy but accessible!

#4 Kitchen Pantry – If you are lucky enough to have a kitchen with a pantry door, hang an organizer over it to keep spices, cake decorating tools, and other kitchen items used regularly in the upper pockets. Put healthy snack choices for the kids in the lower pockets. Devote a row to zipper bags, plastic storage containers, and other things used for making lunches.

#5. Office/School/Craft – Hang in your office, school, or craft room (or a linen closet near that room) to store supplies and items frequently used that you don’t want on the desk or table. Or use the pockets to create a wrapping center and store your tags, bows and ribbon, tape, scissors, tissue paper, cards, and decorative gift bags.

#6. Guest Room – Place one in the guest room and fill it will all the things overnight guests will need: nice towels, extra shampoo, conditioner and fresh soap, extra toothbrush and toothpaste, snacks for the late-night cravings, supplies for a guest room coffee maker, and even a few good reading selections.

#7. Laundry/Utility Room – Hang on your laundry room door to hold various stain removers, cleaning supplies, and pet supplies. Keep the chemicals up high and away from little hands (and maybe the dog treats too!).

Do you have a creative way to use an over-the-door shoe organizer? Share it in the comments below or Submit Your Tip!

7 thoughts on “Alternate Uses for an Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

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