Happy Anniversary! Inexpensive, Fun Ways to Celebrate

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary with Husband! In honor of this day I thought I would post some great anniversary ideas that are fun and inexpensive:

#1. Look through your wedding photos or video.

#2. Recite your original wedding vows or make up new one that fit your life now.

#3. Write down the reasons you still love you each other. Share the list.

#4. Dance to all your songs from dating and your wedding. We keep a playlist called “Our Love Story” that includes songs from our dating days to contemporary songs that suit us now.

#5. Take stock of your relationship. Go through these 50 questions with your spouse, preferably over dinner or in bed.

#6. Go through the 10 Things to Do to Improve Your Marriage

#7. Recreate your wedding night menu or your wedding cake. Have fun making it together!

#8. Getting married is an adventure! Celebrate by doing something adventurous. Go canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, bungee jumping (I would never do that one!), sky diving…something adventurous that you have never done together before.

#9. Swap babysitting with friends who have an anniversary near yours to get a whole night kid free.

#10. Have fun putting together a slide show or movie of the highlights from your dating and married years.

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