Week of July 2nd Menus

Here is the grocery list for this week’s menus: 7/2 Grocery List

Breakfast Menu: Dinner Menu:
M: Eggs & Toast M: Chicken Caesar Wraps From Cook’s Country Magazine; We substitute creamy Caesar dressing for the mayo & dressing recipe here.
T: Pear Muffins T: Pizza, veggie sticks
W: French Toast W: Hot dogs/sausages, salad
Th: Chocolate Chip Muffins Th: Nebraska Beef Buns, corn

From Cook’s Country Magazine

F: Blueberry Muffins F: Bacon Mac & Cheese, green beans
S: Chocolate Danish – Filling:Whip 1 pkg. cream cheese with 1 cup sugar. Fold in chocolate chips.Use puff pastry dough cut into squares. fill with 1-2 tbs of chocolate filling. Fold corners together. Bake at 350*F until light golden brown. S: Tacos
S: Omelets w/ hashbrowns S:: Panini

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