Kitchen Organization Quick-Tip: Sort by Use

A quick tip for kitchen organization: Sort your kitchen by how you use things. Don’t get trapped into the idea that specific cabinets must contain specific items. Sort things in your kitchen and pantry based on how you use them and what you use together.

For example, I have one drawer that contains attachments for my mixer, silicone cupcake liners, frosting tips and bags, pastry blender, and all my measuring cups and spoons. This is my baking drawer. Conventional wisdom may say these things should be put away differently (utensils together, appliance attachments with other appliances etc.) but this works well for my kitchen. Because I bake 4-6 times a week (especially for breaksfasts), having all the needed baking supplies right in one spot is super handy. Plus that drawer is under the counter where my mixer sits and where I can roll dough. So everything I need is all in one spot and I don’t have to walk around the kitchen to grab anything.

Another example is our kid cabinet. We keep all kid dishes, cups, water bottles, and other plasticware together in one lower cabinet. This way the kids can easily get to their dishes for snacks and drinks (and the plasticware when it is their turn to clear the table). No sense in keeping the kid plates in the upper cabinet with other dishes. The people who need to use them can’t get to them.

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