Saturday Project: Seatbelt Snuggie (No Sewing)

As summer approaches and we start planning vacations and trips cross-country to visit family I am looking for all the ideas I can find to keep kids occupied (it is 24 hours of drive time to Meemaw & Granddad’s house!) and the car (5 of us in a Corolla) relatively tidy. In this month’s Family Fun Magazine I saw a project I just had to try: Seatbelt Snuggies.

The idea is simple: something you can velcro onto a seatbelt strap to hold iPods, phones, or other small media devices. Here are the steps:

  1. Cut an 8 inch square from fleece or terrycloth (a hand towel) and one from felt
  2. Fold the fleece or terrycloth square in half and cut an opening 1 1/2 inches wide (or wide enough to accommodate an iPod or your media device
  3. Lay the fleece or terrycloth open with the fuzzy side down
  4. Use fabric glue around the edges and in a line above the cut ou made. Add an additional vertical line half-way between the top and the line of glue over the cut
  5. Press the felt piece onto the glue
  6. Add sticky-back velcro strips to about 1/2 inch from the edge of each vertical side (not top & bottom) of your square so that you can fasten the snuggie around the seatbelt
  7. Embellish with felt or googly eyes on the front part that will be on top of the seatbelt
  8. Allow glue to dry overnight

Secure the snuggie to seatbelt with the velcro closures. Insert iPod or other media device into the hole you cut. Kids can easily listen to music or books without the device getting lost in the car on a road trip!

NOTE: I chose to sew my snuggies and that worked well also. But I wanted to post a project that didn’t require sewing and this can be done with fabric glue. Also I used scrap fabrics we had (denim, towels, sweatpants) to make these and did not buy new fabrics. Those alternatives worked jsut fine!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Project: Seatbelt Snuggie (No Sewing)

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    • Can you tell me where you are having difficulty with the instructions? This project came from FamilyFun magazine and those are all the instructions given.

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