Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming soon! These days, most Dad’s really don’t want a tie, a car wash kit, or a gift that requires work. So here are some out of the box, creative gift ideas for Father’s Day:

#1. Delivery from his favorite out-of-town restaurant. Does he like Chicago pizza or Kansas City BBQ? Many restaurants will ship items anywhere in the US. We are getting pizza from Husband’s favorite Chicago stuffed pizza place.

#2. Grill Accessories. Don’t just get a pack. Add a high temp mitt, an apron (even have the kiddos decorate it themselves…handprints etc.). Make sure the accessories are high quality. Better to just give one or two really nice things than something that will just break quickly.

#3. Movie Night. Does Dad like movies? Put together a movie box (not a basket for the guys) with popcorn and snacks he loves, his favorite soda, and DVDs or Blu-Ray he can enjoy with the kids. Think about movies from his childhood that he might want to show the kids or his favorite Star Wars or Superhero flicks that are kid friendly too.

#4. Make a Father’s Day bouquet with his favorite candy and snack foods.

#5. Ask each child a series of questions about their dad. How tall he is, how much he can lift, what he does at work, his favorite foods/movies/books/Sport etc. Add questions that are meaningful to your family. Print a page for each child (be sure to have each kid help you add clip art and graphics they think represent Dad) and have any kids that are old enough write their own answers. For younger kids, ask them and record what they say. Give these to Dad. TWIST – repeat this every few years to see how the kids’ answers change!

3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts

  1. I like the idea of candy jar bouquet..sounds very creative. This year, since my dad is a huge lover of crumb cake (and candy), I’m ordering him a gourmet new york style crumb cake through http://www.crumbcakecreations.com . Their cakes are made-to-order (you can build your own so to speak) and living in Florida, dad misses the true NY style bakeries/treats. Good luck with your gift selections, all.

    • Great idea on the custom cheesecake! I think I would like something like that 🙂 Thanks for the tip Shannon!

  2. I was actually thinking of getting my dad a few BBQ accessories, since that is one of his favorite hobbies. Last year, I bought him a Tailgater, so he has even more of a reason to stay outside and barbeque. As a matter of fact, just last week, he had a BBQ at his house, and he used his Tailgater and HDTV to show the Rockies game outside in HD. As soon as I got off of work at Dish, is went right to his place and I had a good time. I think it would make him happy to have a few more accessories that he can use with his grill. I should probably get him a tent since he loves the outdoors so much!

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