Go Bag

Everywhere I have ever lived had a natural disaster threat. Blizzards, tornadoes, typhoons, and now hurricanes. Life has a way of throwing a crisis at us when we least expect it. There are all kinds of emergencies that require us to move quickly and be prepared. Along with the Emergency Binder a Go Bag is an important part of an organized home.

A few years ago for Christmas my aunt and uncle gave us an emergency bag from the Christian Emergency Network that was filled with emergency supplies like solar blankets, flares, water storage, candles, etc. This backpack has become our go bag with needed emergency supplies. Though the needs change based on where we live and the season the basic idea here is to have a 72 hour supply for each family member contained in one (or two if you have a large family) easy to carry backpacks.

Here is a fabulous list of supplies to get you started: Survival Kit list Remember to add to this list based on where you live, the season, and current conditions.

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