How to Unclog a Showerhead

We have hard water where we live and no water softener. That means that shower heads and faucets can often get clogged with mineral (limescale) deposits. The shower head in our master bath has one spot that is spraying straight into my face no matter what position I put the shower head in. So it is time to unclog it.

There are many products you can buy to deal with hard water issues (CLR, Lime-A-Way). But who wants to spend that kind of money and introduce these chemicals when you can do the trick with something you likely already have at home…vinegar!

Here is what you need:

  • 1-2 cups of vinegar (depending on the size of your shower head)
  • 1 quart size zipper bag
  • 1 binder clip or rubber band (to secure zipper bag to the shower head)

Here are the steps:

  • Pour vinegar into zipper bag
  • Submerge shower head in vinegar
  • Secure with rubber band or binder clip
  • Wait 30 minutes – 1 hour
  • Remove zipper bag
  • Run water through shower head to make sure no errant spray exists
  • Repeat if needed

Do this every other month to keep shower heads and faucets clean and spraying correctly, especially if you have hard water.

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